Vaping is taking the world by storm. Being viewed as a healthier replacement for cigarettes helped this habit become a real hit among smokers. Online and stationary stores are selling an overwhelming variety of vaping accessories. Vape subscription box model is becoming very popular.

If you search the web, you won’t find too many side effects of vaping. At the first glance, it seems like a pretty safe way to spend your free time. However, psoriasis sufferers are always very careful about trying something new. That’s why they spend more time researching vaping and psoriasis than an average vaper. Let’s take a closer look at the way these two correlate.

Psoriasis And Vaping: Studies

Does vaping cause psoriasis? Every psoriasis sufferer knows that nicotine is one of the most common psoriasis triggers. Ex-smokers report the reduction of psoriasis flare-ups over time. However, not enough information has been collected about vaping and psoriasis.
A recent study done by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill showed that vaping increases innate defense protein levels in the lungs associated with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Further studies are being done to reveal the effect of vaping on psoriasis, which can be closely connected to what has been found during that research.

Another study conducted in 2017 by researchers from the University of North Carolina found the increased level of chemicals in the organisms of e-cigarette smokers. These chemicals may cause a variety of lung diseases as well as inflammatory problems like psoriasis.
Even though several studies have been carried out to reveal the bad side effects of e-smoking, none have given a clear answer about vaping causing psoriasis.

Is Vaping Bad For Psoriasis?

  1. While scientists are working hard to prove that vaping is dangerous for psoriasis sufferers, we can make some logical conclusions using the facts available at the moment.
    Vaping may trigger psoriasis. That’s why if you are a psoriasis sufferer who wants to start vaping, you need to closely monitor your condition. Keeping a psoriasis diary can help you understand how y
  2. our body reacts to vaping. Vaping is better than nicotine. We already know that nicotine is one of the psoriasis triggers. Switching from cigarettes to vaping is an excellent way to give your body a good chance t
  3. Feel better. Vaping helps you relax. Two common psoriasis triggers are anxiety and stress. Vaping has been known to relieve both. Accordingly, vaping may help you deal with psoriasis triggers instead of becoming one of them. The good example is CBD Oil Vape Kits from, which you can use for vaping both nicotine and CBD oil. And as we wrote before, cannabis oil can help cure psoriasis.

Can vaping make psoriasis worse? Possibly. However, until there are cold facts proving this theory, all you can do is watch the way your body reacts. Or make a decision not to try vaping at all.

Conclusion: Can Vaping Cause Psoriasis?

The trigger factors for psoriasis differ among patients. Vaping may be one of them but this hasn’t been scientifically proven yet. Vaping and psoriasis don’t go hand in hand. However, psoriasis sufferers have to be extra careful when trying something new since it has all the chances of becoming one of the triggers.